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Mrs.  Pachovia  Lovett
Social Worker

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Social Worker

Welcome! I am the school social worker for Randleman Elementary School,Randleman Middle SchoolRandleman HighLevel Cross, and John Lawrence.  I am available for various services and support within the schools and community.  Take a look below for details on what services I provide.

Mission Statement: 
The principle tasks of the School Social Worker are to help students and families make the best use of available opportunities and resources and to fully develop each student's individual potential. The School Social Worker brings to the educational process an understanding of the psychosocial development of children and the influences of family, community, and cultural differences as they interact with the educational process. Further, the School Social Worker provides the necessary professional skills to assist students and communities in problem solving and conflict resolution in a safe and healthy manner.

The School Social Worker addresses:

  • Conduct assessment of student needs 

  • Promote regular school attendance 

  • Conduct home visits 

  • Promote safe, caring, and drug free schools 

  • Empowerment of/advocacy for students 

  • Provide culturally competent services 

  • Provide appropriate services for homeless students 

  • Provide individual counseling 

  • Facilitate group counseling 

  • Self-esteem 

  • Anger management 

  • Impulse control 

  • Social skills training 

  • Substance abuse prevention 

  • Provide crisis intervention services 

  • Complete social developmental case studies 

  • Participate in the evaluation of special education placements 

  • Participate in the development of behavioral modification plans, Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA), and Supportive Intervention Plans (SIP) 

  • Provide short/long-term case management services to individual students 

  • Referrals to community agencies 

  • Coordination of services with community agencies 

  • Coordination of services with other disciplines within the school 

  • Participate in transition planning for students 

  • Coordinate pregnancy prevention programs 

  • Coordinate drop out prevention programs 

  • Report suspected child abuse/neglect 

Please contact me if you have any concerns about your child or questions I could assist you with.  Each school I serve has additional contact information for me in the event of urgent situations.