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RMS Beta Club

The RMS Junior Beta Club is a student-centered organization that works to continually develop and nurture individuals by providing opportunities and experiences enabling them to demonstrate the ideals of character, achievement, service and leadership in a global community.  RMS Junior Beta Club is a part of The National Beta Club. Beta Club is a service organization that recognizes students who must be working at or above grade level, show exemplary academic achievement and high moral character for membership. In addition to good academics, candidates must also model the pillars of membership: Leadership, service, achievement, and character


Mission Statement:

To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

ACHIEVEMENT: Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement

CHARACTER: Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful.

LEADERSHIP: Developing the leaders of tomorrow.

SERVICE: Demonstrating our motto: Let us Lead by Serving Others



Eligibility for membership in RMS Junior Beta Club is based on semester grades and is as follows:

  1. Students with a total cumulative average of 90 or higher in all core classes

  2. Students may not have a nine weeks grade lower than an 80 in any class.

  3. Students must also have not been assigned to Randleman Intervention Center or been suspended

  4. Students must complete an application, essay and interview to show that he/she possesses the four pillars of membership (leadership, service, achievement, and character).



If member applications are approved, members will be required to:

  1. Maintain a 90 cumulative GPA

  2. Maintain a grade of 85 or higher in all classes for each nine weeks

  3. Participate in 1 service project per semester

  4. Contribute 20 hours of volunteer service (not same as service project)

  5. Maintain satisfactory behavior and exhibit good character

  6. Participate in Beta Club fundraiser opportunities (1 spring, 1 fall)

  7. Participate in achievement, character, service and leadership opportunities

  8. Attend all Beta Club meetings (absences can be excused with note and prior approval)