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Mrs.  Martha  Anderson
Sixth Grade Language Arts (ELA Chair)
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Important Information about ELA letter  

Important information about ELA

Mrs. Martha Anderson

6th grade ELA teacher 


Team Incentive Program


My class takes part in a team incentive program.  Each nine weeks the students are put into teams within the class.  They decide on a team name and they develop a contract with guidelines that they agree upon.  They sign this contract and it is posted in the room. Throughout the day I add and possibly deduct points. 

 The teams earn points when team members show  good effort, participation, good character, good grades,  by following all of the classroom rules along with going above and beyond etc. Each week a new team leader is nominated by the team.  The teams lose points when team members have issues with any of the items listed above. I do check in with my teacher teammates each week to see how the student team members are doing. In other words,  the points are affected by choices in their other core classes as well. Each week I announce the weekly winners and the team members get to get something out of the treasure box. The team that has accumulated the most points at the end of the nine weeks receives a movie, popcorn, soda, and candy time . I started this incentive program last year, and I am always open to new reward ideas for the nine weeks winners.   I will need donations of candy or other simple treasure items so that I can continue the weekly winner rewards. I am trying to teach the students to manage a team, realize leadership potential, increase responsibility, sharpen listening skills, and increase both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. 

READING LOGS AND WORD STEMS(LOGS due every 2 weeks and word stems test every 2 weeks)  

Students will receive a reading log template to glue in their ELA notebook. They will also receive 10 word stems and definitions at the beginning of a week. Students are responsible for writing their reading log, word stems and word stem definitions in their notebook. Each week they are responsible for reading 100 minutes. They can select the days of the week that work the best with their schedule.  At the end of a 2 week time period they will turn carefully tear out their logs (200 minutes read) and turn them in. They will also have a test every 2 weeks (on a Friday) that will require them to know the definitions of the stems and be able to write a sentence using the 10 words that they created from the stem. PLEASE refer to the RMS website and look on my webpage for the biweekly stems and definitions, as well as the reading log template. It is also located in their ELA notebook.



Students are responsible for completing a book talk each nine weeks. The book has to be completed for the book talk. The form for the book talks has been glued by your child in their ELA notebook.  They wrote down the due dates for these in their agenda as well as in their ELA notebook.  They are as follows: Oct. 24th, Jan. 10th, March 20th, May 21st






Students are responsible for keeping up with their ELA notebook as well as keeping it organized and up to date.  It is a simple exercise in following directions and the ELA notebook has all of the handouts and needed items to use in order to further your child’s learning experience.  The students wrote down the due dates for these notebooks in both their agenda as well as their ELA notebook. They are as follow  OCT. 18th, Jan. 8th, March 13th, May 15th


ABC...Explain (Grades Explanation)


A: (90-100) above and beyond!  “A” work is accurate, neat, complete, and full of more than has been asked for, and shows mastery of the standards

B:  (80-89) better than average.  “B” work is accurate, neat, complete, and demonstrates good effort in what has been asked for.

C: (70-79) competent.  “C” work is accurate, neat, complete, and is simply what was asked for, no more, no less.  

D:  (60-69) doesn’t cut it.  “D” work is incomplete, sloppy, or is not handed in on time.  Basically it shows poor, substandard effort and/or work.

F:  (59 or below) not acceptable.  “F” work is failing- sloppy, inaccurate, incomplete, or not handed in.


With the above being stated, students will be able to correct/redo most major and minor assignments, but not all. Students will be allowed 1 make-up attempt; the second time an assignment is turned in the grade is final. Major and minor assignments may receive full credit for corrections. Tests/quizzes will receive partial credit.  Grades will change based on the improvement shown in student work, therefore, original copies of work must be turned in with corrections or no credit will be given. All test corrections and some other assignments will require students to make corrections in complete sentences, regardless of the original format of the assignment. Students are welcome to attend before/after school tutoring to receive assistance with work to improve their grade. 

According to school policy, per your student handbook, late work receives an automatic 60. This grade cannot be increased due to the reason for the low score, however if students have late work which received a score less than 60, they may work to increase the grade to a 60. 

Students with extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please make sure that you check powerschool on a regular basis.This will give you the title of the assignment as well as the category that is falls under. In ELA there are 2 categories:

Major Assessments and Minor Assessments.   Your child keeps track of their grades on a TIGER TRACKER as well and this is located in ELA NOTEBOOK.. 



Additional information


Please understand that it is my job to make sure your child is working at and above their potential.  I want them to gain confidence in their ability and gain understanding on how they are growing as learners.    Do not ever hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

My email is  You can access information on our school website. Go to, then click on STAFF DIRECTORY, then click on MARTHA ANDERSONYour child will be quizzed on the information in this letter to ensure that they are reading it carefully.

Please sign and return the below portion

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The word stems list for the year is glued in your ELA notebook and is under assignments on this webpage.